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Andy Murray Tennis Shoes

Injuries in tennis can demoralize a player while risking their future ambitions. Andy Murray, unarguably the greatest tennis player of this era, is no stranger to this menace. But, a tweak has become the center of his success – the Andy Murray tennis shoes.

Andy Murray currently uses custom-made shoes designed by the Under Armour brand. This pair of shoes were specifically designed to meet the player’s liking and stability. Currently, the shoes that Andy Murray wears are not for sale.

Tennis shoes play an important role in the success of any player. And they are one of the reasons contributing to Andy Murray’s career success!

Murray’s success since he got his preferred choice of tennis shoes cannot be ignored. The role of his tennis shoes in giving him the best possible adjustment and flexibility has positively affected his game and his focus on the court.

In this article, I’ll discuss the specifications of Andy Murray’s shoes, and some history of the player’s shoe choices — Keep reading!

Which Shoes Does Andy Murray Wear?

Andy Murray has been wearing Under Armour for over 5 years now. The shoes have been a perfect fit for him, and his success of late. When he first wore the UAs, it was a resounding win at the Queen’s Club.

The comfort levels and the selection of tennis shoes I’ve discussed above, all have factored in Andy’s success.

Although his first stint wearing the UA footwear got him to the semi-finals at Wimbledon, he lost to none other than Roger Federer.

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Efforts To Design The Andy Murray Shoes

As mentioned earlier, Andy’s deal with Under Armour began in 2015. He met the folks in Florida, US. The meeting also included the brand VP Josh Rattet. They wanted to show Andy what they had to offer and expressed interest from the outset.

The brand wanted to check out Andy’s previous footwear and wanted to conduct a complete thorough check on what suited best to Andy’s needs and comfort, especially keeping in view all the factors of his previous experiences with shoes — They wanted to help him out.

The shoe designing process was complicated since UA designers were traveling all over the world to keep up with Murray, showing him examples along the way.

Within a few weeks, one designer visited Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, and London, as well as traveled to China with engineers to collect more examples.

Andy Murray’s Shoe Preferences

Murray’s preference had always been to go for lightweight footwear. He wanted durability and something that didn’t make him compromise on his body weight or weigh him down in games, especially with stiffness. Therefore, lightweight footwear perfectly matched his needs.

Under Armour realized that this task needed careful consideration.

Since it was a custom design, the choice of textile, construction material, and fabric would have to be perfect to suit and fit the player’s needs, giving it a signature look to keep it distinctive from others.

The Andy Murray shoes were built from scratch and this whole exercise was different from the normal service for other athletes (because duh! it’s Andy Murray).

For the sole, the foam was used to provide comfort, support, and stability, especially during lateral movement.

Are Andy Murray Shoes For Sale?

The Under Armour shoes that Andy Murray wears aren’t available for sale to the general public. And they won’t be up for sale in the future as they are custom-made for Andy Murray’s requirements and likings.

Let me talk in particular about the profits a brand can gain from selling a certain entity. Imagine a brand stating these shoes are worn by Andy Murray and selling them in Andy’s name, and making a profit out of it. 

While Andy Murray has always endorsed his tennis shoes, common sense is that Under Armour would expect more than just endorsement.

Under Armour should pay him to wear their brand shoes so that it can not only create recognition, and spread its name across but also help boost the sales. But in the case of Andy, no that’s not the case. You can never purchase Andy Murray’s shoes.

Andy Murray’s Shoes Will Never Be Up For Sale

So how can Under Armour benefit just like that? I mean anyone would get that if they put up his shoes for purchase, the sales would just grow. I’d buy a pair myself. However, that’s not how it goes with Under Armour and Andy. 

How it goes is also something that I don’t understand. These shoes are customized, and the size is unique, okay fine, the design is unique, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they’d put them up for sale?

After all, Andy Murray’s name is not unknown in tennis. His story, his journey, and his popularity in the UK alone are enough to boost a significant amount of sales. Under Armour could benefit from the UK alone! But still, there are some mysteries one can’t answer. 

And so is the mystery of Andy Murray’s shoes — they’re not up for sale.

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Describing Andy Murray Tennis Shoes

Under Armour’s Andy Murray Tennis Shoes were finally launched but only at the disposal of the player himself. These specific shoes were never made commercially available and were restricted just to the player himself.

His shoes were off-white. They were featured with a synthetic material that was stretched in a two-way form across the upper side of the design. Moreover, the shoes featured a foam sole with flecks. 

The shoes also had a creative outlook of the AM logo at the front end i.e. the tongue of the shoe. The shoes are then finalized with an “AM” logo on the tongue. While the size and comfort were suited to meet Andy’s sizing and comfort needs. 

Equally matched footwear was launched commercially. The commercial touch was given with regular sizing wears that were different from Andy’s sizing and were available online.

Other high profile sportspersons who are part of the Under Armour brand include Tom Brady, the famous American football star, Lindsey Vonn, a skier, and Sloane Stephens, another tennis player.

Andy Murray’s Sponsorship Deals

Fred Perry was Andy Murray’s first apparel sponsor. In 2009, he signed a five-year agreement with Adidas. The contract was worth $15 million reportedly. It ended in 2014, and Adidas didn’t want to re-sign him.

Naturally, I’d thought that Adidas rivals Nike were the best bet to sign up Andy for their apparel wear. Rumors were circulating that Nike would sign him up for $80 million. However, at the same time, Nike was seeking to create a long-term partnership.

Andy Murray’s net worth is estimated to be around $165 million where sponsorships contribute more than half of it.

I don’t know how far Nike got to Andy or they didn’t get to Andy at all, and it was all just a rumor mill. In any case, Nike didn’t sign him up.

Why Was The New Deal Important?

Murray wanted to become the new face of global tennis, especially Britain’s best player. In my view, Murray was seeking out a sponsorship deal that would be of great value not only to him as a player but also to his iconic stature and standing.

He created his own company in 2013 with the help of entertainment professional, Simon Fuller. The company was named 77, marking a significant symbolic nature of GB not doing well in Wimbledon, especially in the singles category.

The company was the one to negotiate Andy’s new apparel deal. And the aim was to make Murray the new tennis icon i.e. being the highest-paid tennis player. 

Any brand that signs up Andy Murray would know they’d get a good deal out of it. Murray’s Twitter following alone in 2018 was over 3 million. He’s the only player in the top 4 and is a 3-time grand slam champion.

Despite signing up for other brands, Murray is still comfortable with the idea of donning UA’s customized design shoes which he did in the 2021 Wimbledon.

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Andy Murray’s Under Armour Tennis Shoes Since 2015

Andy Murray spent 5 years with Adidas gear. But at the start of the 2015 season, Murray decided to move forward from the famous gear and switched to Under Armour. With Under Armour, Andy wanted to be the storyteller of this brand. 

Murray signed up a four-year deal with the American athletic footwear giant Under Armour (UA).

His contract was reported to be $19 million. This is regarded as one of the biggest sponsorship contracts globally, especially in Tennis.

He found the brand to be committed to providing appealing, innovative footwear alongside other apparel and accessories. He found the brand to mark and match his ambitions: unmatched focus on training and performance.

The best part of this deal was that Under Armour decided to cater to Andy with footwear that was designed to his specific requirements. Under Armour wanted to manufacture and design the tennis shoes that suited him perfectly.

This was a timely process of 6 months during which the brand had no issues with Andy continuing to play competitive tennis in his old Adidas Barricade shoes till he received his customized designed shoes.

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The Case Of Andy Murray’s Missing Tennis Shoes

These shoes are so dear to Murray that he just wants to be extra careful every time he has them on. 

But, there’s this one incident that I would like to share which could have possibly ruined Murray for good.

It so happened that in 2021 Andy Murray’s shoes went missing. To put it more bluntly – his shoes got stolen. And so was his wedding ring. Okay, that could’ve been a coincidence, and tragic unless you realize how this all happened. 

How It All Happened

Murray’s shoes were stolen with his wedding ring tied to one of the shoelaces. Why would he do this? I mean who ties their wedding ring with their shoelace? Well, I definitely for sure knew this act would’ve certainly infuriated his wife, and I don’t blame her!

The incident occurred on the occasion of the Indian Wells Tennis tournament i.e. BNP Paribas Open. So, our champion player apparently couldn’t resist the stinky smell. And he decided to leave his tennis shoes outside his hotel room. Underneath the car where the shoes would’ve dried up overnight.

Well, the funny part — he went back there in the morning to check on them, but…they were not there anymore. Okay fine — no big deal — they’re his practice shoes. He could go to any shop, buy new ones, and practice before the game. 

However, soon after he realized that he’d also lost the ring when his physio asked about it (screams). 

Andy Calls For Help To Find The Missing Shoes

And that’s when Murray realized that his ring was tied to his shoelace. He posted a message on Instagram, telling his fans that his wedding ring was stolen. He called it a mishap. And it had to do with his tennis shoes. 

His message was a little on a lighter note but he did say that his wife is furious. Well, so he wanted fans to help them find his ring. 

It was over 35 degrees, no balcony in his hotel room, so fair enough he’d left it underneath his car, and didn’t cause much trouble till they got stolen.

He went on to say he’s up for buying new shoes of a new brand for practice, and will use them in the tournament since Andy’s size wouldn’t be available in time – so it wasn’t ideal at all for him. 

Fortunately for him, his shoes and ring were returned. Despite being stinky, the shoes and the ring were returned. And fortunately, he mended ways with his wife.

Of course, I’m not going to leave you hanging there wondering how he found his ring and shoes. Well, he found them in the ‘lost and found box in the hotel. Haha, the thief couldn’t just turn himself in.  

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Parting Thoughts

Andy Murray is a popular brand name whose performances have moved the world around. He is also part of many other sponsorship deals with different brands but when it comes to shoes, he’s been uncompromised. 

Being a brand name because of the comfortable shoes that made him the no.1 ATP player in 2016 (for 41 weeks) shows the role his shoes have played over this period. Therefore, Murray’s bigger success in the game has been his tennis shoes.

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