Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet Brands — Top Rank Guide

best tennis racquet brands

Tennis is a sport of precision and each player requires a racquet that suits their playing style and becomes their holy grail. With the market full of options, it is confusing to choose the best tennis brands out there.

So out of the many famous brands, which one should you choose and why? 

There are some big market leaders as well as some hidden gems. I began my search for the leading tennis racquet brands in the current markets and learned about the players’ most favorite and trusted brands as well. 

In this guide, I have listed the 10 best tennis racquet brands which have some of the most exceptional tennis and other sports equipment

My #1 Choice ❤

After reviewing all these tennis brands and weighing their pros and cons, Babolat tennis racquets have topped the list for me. 

It’s my #1 choice because: Along with amazing quality, Babolat has advanced technology racquets that record data and let the players review their progress. 

Their racquets can assist both beginner-level and pro-level players in training sessions and improve their skills. 

How-To: Choose the Best Tennis Racquets 

Choosing the right racquet can amp up your game just as choosing a bad one can kill your game in the first few minutes. You can’t risk getting the wrong equipment for a big competition. 

I have listed a few factors that can help you choose the best tennis racquet for you to level up. 

  • For professionals, racquets with large head sizes are preferable as they give more power, whereas, for amateurs, small head size is more suited, as it gives more control. 
  • A lightweight racquet tends to give more powerful swings while a heavier racquet can provide more control, so go for one that suits your playing style.
  • An open string bed provides powerful hits while a dense string bed enhances control. 
  • It’s important to select the right grip size for players as a grip size too small can end up injuring their hand.

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10 Best Tennis Racquet Brands

Now, let’s discuss the 10 best brands for tennis racquets.

#1 Babolat

Price Range: $$$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5

Babolat is the inventor of tennis strings and by far one of the top brands of tennis equipment. It’s also the most competitive brand of tennis equipment and has many loyal players around the world including Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick.

The brand beats all other brands of tennis racquets because of its innovative technology. BabolatPlay lets players collect data through its sensors that include a microprocessor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope in the handle of its racquet.

The top 3 tennis racquets of Babolat are Babolat Pure Aero 16×19, Babolat Pure Drive, and Babolat Pure Strike.

The players can access the data through their devices to study their weaknesses or strengths and improve them. 

Babolat manufactures 3 main series of racquets for professional players that are called Pure Aero, Pure Drive, and Pure Strike. Babolat also manufactures a separate series of racquets for beginner tennis players such as Aero, Evoke, Drive, and Pulsion. 

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High technology Expensive
For both beginner and professional playersLess feel
Power hits

#2 Wilson

Price Range: $$$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5

Wilson is yet another well-known name in the tennis market. It started out by manufacturing sports goods by utilizing animal by-products.

After the brand started making tennis racquets, it gained a lot of global recognition through professional players such as Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, and the Williams sisters. 

The brand is known for its quality products and engineering innovative technology in the field of tennis racquets. Moreover, Wilson has gained the trust of millions of pro-level tennis players and their fans which makes it an unbeatable brand.

Wilson manufactures racquets for all kinds of players such as beginners, intermediate and professional players. The Wilson rackets are said to deliver high performance with tremendous power. 

The Wilson Series

The 4 racquets series of Wilson are Pro Staff, Blade, Ultra, and Clash. Wilson also manufactured a racquet that comes without strings, the Wilson Pro Staff 97. Players can use their desired string and this also allows them to replace a damaged string instead of the whole racquet.

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Wilson introduced a StableSmart technology that maintains the stability in the player’s shot by absorbing vibrations. The Freeflex feature gives a player the control to move the racquet according to his/her swing style. 

The best-rated top 3 Wilson racquets are Wilson Pro Staff 97, Wilson Blade v7 98 18×20, and Wilson Clash 100.

Absorbs vibrationExpensive
Good for beginner and professional playersSlow racquet speed
More Control

#3 Head

Price Range: $$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5 

Unlike Babolat and Wilson, Head came into the market a bit late. However, that didn’t stop it from taking the market by surprise with its high-performance sports goods. 

Head became a market leader alongside Wilson and Babolat by manufacturing the first oversized aluminum racquet in a world where racquets were only made with wood. 

Manufacturing the first ever metal racquet became Head’s revolutionary move and further increased the popularity of the brand. 

Head racquets are now used by some famous tennis players like Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Marin Cilic, and Maria Sharapova. The 90s tennis stars Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi also used them.

Its racquets are pretty affordable even for beginners which gives the brand more exposure. The racquets are popular for their easy feel and unique technology. 

Some advanced technology Head racquets are Graphene 360, Microgel, and 360 Spin Grommets.

Apart from that, the top-rated Head racquets are HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet, HEAD Graphene 360 Radical MP, and Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro. 

Great racquet builtSlow racquet speed
Good for flat hits

#4 Dunlop

Price Range: $
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5 

Dunlop Sports is known for manufacturing tennis and golf equipment. It is easily one of the go-to brands for famous tennis players like John McEnroe, Rod Laver, Steffi Graf, and Martina Navratilova.

The brand is based in Surrey, England. It was originally a company that produced rubber goods but later entered the sports market with its high-quality designed tennis balls. 

It has developed various innovative technologies such as aero boost technology consisting of racquets that contain wider holes in the frame which can let the strings move freely and push the ball with great power. 

Dunlop also developed a biofiber technology by extracting fiber from different plants to build their racquet shafts. This allows the racquets to absorb the vibration from the hits while keeping the strokes solid. 

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Dunlop Racquet Series

One of the best features that Dunlop brought to its racquets was the iDapt technology. This advanced technology lets the player adjust racquets to 432 different variations according to their needs or game style. 

It has been chosen multiple times for Grand Slams and has been in the hands of winning players. This shows the true potential of the Dunlop racquets. 

Dunlop’s famous 3 different types of tennis racquets are the SX, CX, and FX series. 

The SX series is meant to target players who hit their shots with topspin, the CX series was designed to suit heavy hitters, while the FX series is for players who want to generate maximum power from the hit.

The most popular racquets from Dunlop Sports are Dunlop Sports SX 300, Dunlop Sports CX Team, and Dunlop Sports CX 200. 

Value for moneyStiff
Less vibration
More power

#5 Prince

Price Range: $$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5

Prince was a tennis ball machine manufacturer which later on started manufacturing tennis racquets. The brand got recognition after its racquet ‘Prince Long body Michael Chang Signature’ became the #1 racquet in the world. 

World-renowned players like the Bryan brothers, Jennifer Capriati, and Patrick Rafter also used Prince racquets in different tournaments.

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Even though Prince doesn’t share the same market share as Wilson of Babolat, it’s still one of the top tennis racquets brands next to Head. 

It’s also one of the cheaper options for tennis racquets; however, the quality still remains top-notch with their intense power grip and control.

Prince manufactures tennis racquets with technologies like Graphite Extreme, Morph Beam, and Trip Threat. 

Moreover, Prince racquets come in 5 different lines/series called Premier, Tour, Phantom, Pink Series, and Beast. Prince Textreme Tour 100P, Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100, and Prince Textreme Tour 100L are the three most rated Prince tennis racquets. 

AffordableLess Spin
Power grip
More control

#6 Tecnifibre

Price Range: $$$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5

Tecnifibre is a France-based sports equipment manufacturing brand. It started as a company that only manufactured tennis strings but further updated to manufacturing tennis balls and racquets as well. 

This brand also came into the market a lot later than Wilson and Babolat but still made a big name in the tennis industry because of its advanced racquet technologies. Tecnifibre focuses on improving the player’s potential with its amazing racquet features.

It manufactures 4 lines of tennis racquets that differentiate between male and female tennis players. The male racquets lines are T-Fight, T-Flash, and T-Fit while the female line is T-Rebound.

Tecnifibre shot to fame and became the youngest company to ever become the official racquet, string, bag, and accessories for the ATP World Tour. 

It engineers enhanced technology in its tennis racquets such as Dynacore, Tempo Racket Technology, EZ Lock Eyelet, Synergy Link, Velocity Shaft Design, and Xtreme Touch Construction.

Tecnifibre’s TF 40 305 is considered the best all-around racquets in the current market which provides great prediction and stability in every hit. Moreover, these racquets are also some of the most visually pleasing tennis racquets on the market. 

Some popular Tecnifibre tennis racquets are TF-X1, TFight, TF40, and TRebound.

Less swinging effortsLess Spin
Increased power 
Stable hits

#7 Yonex

Price Range: $$$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5 

Yonex is a more expensive option for tennis racquets but its racquets deliver high performance and enhanced control for the players. Yonex is known for constantly coming up with new technologies for tennis racquets. 

Yonex racquets gained fame because of pro-level players like Monica Seles, Marcelo Rios, Martina Hingis, and Richard Krajicek.

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Yonex now manufactures other sports equipment as well including golf, tennis, and badminton racquets. 

Yonex tennis racquets come in 5 lines namely VCore Pro, Astrel, VCore, Ezone, and Junior. These racquets are a world favorite because of their tremendous power hits and control. 

Yonex’s Aerodynamic Fin technology is designed to increase the swing speed by reducing air resistance.

Some of the best Yonex tennis racquets are Yonex-Ezone 98, Yonex VCORE 95, and Yonex Ezone 100.

Good speedStiff
Reduces air resistance
More control

#8 Volkl

Price Range: $$$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5 

Volkl is a sports equipment manufacturing company based in Germany. Volkl manufactures high-performing tennis racquets and has served many tennis champions including Michael Stich, Sergi Bruguera, Jana Novotna, and Boris Becker. 

Volkl racquets are designed with high technology features like Bio Sensor, Carbon Material, and vibration control handle.

The SuperG feature is designed to increase the racquet’s sweet spot to increase speed and provide control. 

Volkl tennis racquets with the PowerBridge technology are stiff and stable with DNX material integrated into the bottom of the racquet’s head. This helps players make a powerful hit. 

Volkl also manufactures tennis racquet strings and grips. The most popular tennis racquets of Volkl are Volkl V Feel 8 and Volkl-V-Feel 6.

AffordableLess control
Powerful hits
Good speed

#9 ProKennex

Price Range: $$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 4/5

ProKennex is a lesser-known name in the tennis industry but still has a visible name in the tennis racquets field because of the famous player Andreas Seppi. 

Its tennis racquets are best known for their comfort and stability which makes them an ideal option for senior tennis players or players who suffer from tennis elbow. Some popular ProKennex tennis racquets are Ki, Ki Q, and Ace Station. 

ProKennex manufactures tennis racquets with technology like Kinetic Quadfocus Technology, Spiraltech carbon, and Comfort Cap.

ProKennex racquets are arm-friendly due to the Kinetic Quad Focus Technology that works to absorb the vibrations from the hits. 

This is by far one of the most ignored tennis racquet brands but surely a hidden gem in the market. It has the potential to grow but due to the company’s lack of interest in promoting the brand, it remains way behind in the game. 

Lightweight and durableLess Spin
Arm friendly
Stable hits

#10 Pacific

Price Range: $$
BestSportsLounge Rating: 3/5

Pacific tennis is also a name that people aren’t familiar with. In 2009, Pacific acquired the popular company Fischer Tennis, ‘Racket Sports Division.’

Ever since then, Pacific has manufactured a racquet like the Fischer Pro No.1, which the famous player Yvegniy Kafelnikov used. It also produces tennis strings, grips, and balls. 

Pacific is a huge distributor of high-performing tennis racquets and other sports equipment in the international sports market.

These tennis requests are designed to suit beginners and intermediate tennis players, thus it has super affordable rates. 

The most popular tennis racquets of the Pacific brand are X Force Pro No. 1, Nexus, Raptor, and X Fast.

Pacific manufactures racquets with technologies like Frequency Tuning, Vacuum Technology, Precision Grip systems, and Speed-Zone-System. These racquets are known for their enhanced control and precise grips. 

Extra power and stabilityString issues
Enhanced Control
Ideal for beginners

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The Final Verdict

Tennis sure is one famous sport. All these market-dominant companies are just fighting to top one another. However, I would suggest you focus more on the racquet features, and not on the brand. 

Nonetheless, any racquet you choose will be amazing as long as you know what you want in your tennis racquet and what style suits you on the field. I hope this guide helped you choose one to your liking.

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