9 Best Lacrosse Gloves » A Buyers Guide To Lacrosse Gloves!

When it comes to purchasing lacrosse gloves, it can be a bit foggy as to what exactly you should get, considering how many styles and brands are out there.

Let’s take a look at 9 of the best gloves that you can buy today.

  1. Maverick M4’s
  2. STX CELL 4’s
  3. Epoch Integra Goalie Gloves
  4. Warrior Evo Pro’s
  5. Under Amour Command Pro 2’s
  6. STX Shield 500 Goalie Gloves
  7. Epoch Integra’s
  8. True Frequency Driver 2.0’s
  9. Maverick M4 Goalie Gloves

For the list, we’ll be including 6 regular pairs, and 3 goalie pairs, as you can’t leave them out! We’ll also be taking a look at factors that not only make a right lacrosse glove but also what factors you should consider as well.

The list is in no particular order, as preference is also a significant factor when it comes to lacrosse gloves as well.

#1 My Favorite Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves

Well-rounded pair of gloves. They feel flexible without compromising protection. Great model that won’t disappoint any type of player.

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Main features

  • Additional volume on fingers and back of hand
  • Ax Suede
  • Breathability
  • Great ventilation
  • Flexibility
Ventilation Velcro on wrist areas

Maverick is a household name for lacrosse players. They are known for their high-quality equipment and the standard in which they hold themselves to. I really do believe that the maverick M4’s are one of the top gloves on the market and for a good reason.

For starters, I think that the M4’s are one of, if not the most breathable glove that is available on the market today. Also, the protection of them from checks is also solid. However, I think the reason I enjoy them the most besides their breathability has to be their mobility and flexibility.

With their great price, and ability to be both lightweight and flexible, while also having some of the most breathable gloves (Amazon link) available today, I think they are a great choice for any player at any level.

#2 Top Protection

STX Lacrosse Cell 4 

Excellent padding that ensures protection. Another great option from a reliable brand.

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Main features

  • Flexible Protection Technology
  • High Wrist Mobility
  • Comfortable
  • Flexibility
Solid construction Small sized
Padding No drawstrings included

STX is yet another brand for lacrosse players that instantly should ring a bell. They also have some of the best gear on the market, and they are personally one of my favorite brands. In terms of gloves, I think the STX cell 4s are some of the most protective you’ll find.

The overall fit on the glove is amazing as well, and it feels as though there is no wasted padding/additions, making the fit as secure and snug as possible. I also think that when it comes to grip on the stick, these are easily some of the best gloves that I’ve used personally.

The protection is reliable as well, with STX, in my opinion, having some of the most optimized padding available on the market today.

I’d say these are easily one of my favorite gloves, only due to the fit and the grip it allows for the player to have on their stick.

#3 Best Goalie Gloves

Epoch Integra Pro Goalie Lacrosse Gloves

Solid protection with outstanding flexibility in the thumb area.

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Main features

  • Excellent protection in hands and thumb.
  • Extended cuff
  • Carbon fiber
  • Flexibility
Price Small sized

With the first goalie gloves coming up on the list, Epoch earns its spot on the list for their goalie gloves, for quite a few reasons. To start, they are some of the most protective gloves not only in the hand area but also in the thumb.

The carbon fiber technology really shines through on these gloves, and I cannot stress that enough. 

When it comes to goalie gloves (Amazon link), protection is absolutely crucial, especially when it comes to the thumb area. For that, I say Epoch has made a solid protection design in that department, and it deserves quite a bit of credit.

Also, the flexibility in the thumb area is arguably the best on the market and is also another reason I’d argue these gloves as one of the top goalie pairs on the market. Honestly, I think these gloves are a bit underrated, but I do hope to see them take off in popularity sooner rather than later.

#4 Premium Choice

Warrior Evo Pro Gloves

Great protection, flexibility and lightweight. If you are after more quality gloves, this might be something for you.

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Main features

  • Durability
  • Great ventilation
  • High quality construction
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
Ventilation Price
Boa tightening system Small sized

The Warrior Evo pros are another solid glove that certainly deserves a spot on this list. Warrior is yet another brand that many lacrosse players will know and has been around the game for quite some time.

Warrior offers a wide variety of gloves, but I will say that the Evo pros are certainly the best out of the bunch, at least in my opinion. 

#5 Top Mobility

Under Armour Command Pro 2 Gloves

Fantastic flexibility which allows for optimal grip on the shaft.

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Main features

  • Ultimate flexibility & comfort
  • Great thumb and hand protection
  • Outstanding mobility
  • Solid construction
  • Optimal grip
Suspension pad Small sized

Under Armour is one of those brands that have yet to become a staple in the sport of lacrosse, but certainly is well on its way. Not only are they producing solid heads, shafts, apparel, and so on, but they are also killing the protective equipment area as well.

Specifically, I am a huge fan of the Command pro 2’s (Amazon link), as I feel they offer some of the unique protection designs on the market today.

#6 Best Thumb Protection for Goalies

STX Shield 500 Goalie Gloves

Extra piece on the thumb allowing for excellent protection. It also bends, allowing for great flexibility in it as well.

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Main features

  • Great quality fabrics
  • Unique thumb protection
  • Great flexibility
  • Optimal grip
Thumb protection Price
Flexibility Availability

Coming in for our second pair of goalie gloves are the STX Shield 500’s. As I mentioned earlier, STX is one of my favorite brands in lacrosse, as they always seem to provide fantastic quality. 

When it comes to goalie gloves, this is no different, as the STX shield 500’s (Amazon link) offer probably the best thumb protection out there.

 The “STX” snug fit is with these gloves as well, and they feel fantastic to wear and are incredibly comfortable.

#7 Solid Pick

Epoch Integra Gloves

Great ventilation technology, these gloves will feel moist-free under different conditions. Solid construction at a fair price.

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Main features

  • Seamless fingertips
  • Extended cuff
  • Carbon fiber technology
  • Optimal ventilation
Ventilation technology Small sized

Also making its second appearance on this list is an epoch. Although not as popular/mainstream as some of the other brands on here, I am a tremendous supporter of the Epoch brand, and I genuinely feel they offer exceptional quality in their products.

Their field gloves (Amazon link) have fantastic protection, with the carbon fiber technology appearing here as well, with also technology that allows for you to have great heat/cool control. 

#8 Up and Coming

TRUE Frequency Driver 2.0 Gloves

Main features

  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable
  • High quality fabrics
  • Optimal grip

Coming in as the final pair of field gloves are the TRUE frequency driver 2.0 gloves. TRUE is yet another lacrosse brand that is not massively popular but does offer some great products, being well-known for their shafts.

However, with their latest gloves, I have to say I am quite impressed. These gloves are a large step-up from their last generation of gloves in just about all areas, and I now feel that they are well on their way to becoming a significant competitor in the protective equipment area now as well.

#9 Another Great Option for Goalies

Maverick M4 Goalie Gloves

Highly breathable gloves with perfect fit. They feel comfortable and make a great option for goalies.

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    Main features

    • Excellent flexibility
    • Outstanding breathability
    • Traditional fit
    • Flowcool venting
    Flowcool ventilation Availability
    High quality materials

    To wrap up this list, we are going with the gloves that we started with, but in the goalie version. Maverick’s M4 goalie gloves offer fantastic flexibility and breath incredible and feel so lightweight. The thumb protection is solid as well but doesn’t offer as much flexibility as other brands.

    However, the breathability and fit are huge for me, and Maverick offers some of the best when it comes to those categories for goalie gloves.

    Overall, I’d say the price, fit, and protection is all great reasons that these deserve to be known as one of the best pair of goalie gloves (Amazon link) in the world.

    What Lacrosse Glove Should You Pick?

    When it comes to deciding what gloves you should get, there are a few factors that come into play. We’ll be exploring a few of the most critical factors, and why that is.


    Before you even start to look at gloves, I recommend creating your budget and looking around your price area, as this can eliminate quite a few gloves off from selection before you even begin to look.

    If you don’t have a budget and don’t mind to spend top dollar for an elite pair of gloves then that is great, but if you do have a cap on what you want to spend, many websites will have the option to select your price range, and you can choose from there.


    The position will play a factor in what gloves you wear. If you are a goalie, then you will want to play in goalie gloves. If you play attack, you’ll most likely want a pair that offers maximum protection.

    If you do face-offs, then you may look for a pair that has an excellent grip and allows for a flexible fit as well. So, although there may be only two types of gloves out there, each pair has its own set of perks to them, so I recommend looking into them to see what exactly they can offer you.

    Sometimes we dismiss the importance of minor details, but they can be game changers for the new generations to come. 

    Because of the raise of awareness on the impact of these minor details, more people are investing on formation, not only in the clubs but at a personal level. That’s why courses like the one sponsored by Rob Pannell, where he gives a complete vision of lacrosse as a sport from a professional’s perspective are becoming more and more popular nowadays. 

    You can take a look by clicking here: Players Academy


    Last but not least, you should take into consideration how much you are going to be playing. If you are going to be playing on a team full time, whether it be a high school team, travel team, or what have you, I recommend getting a good, solid pair of gloves that will last a bit of time.

    However, if you plan on playing just men’s league here and there, then you may not need the best pair that is out there on the market. With that in mind, I’d take the use you’ll get out of them into consideration, as you may be able to save money with this in mind.


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