What to Wear in Netball? (5 Tips to the Right Netball Outfit)

Netball is an exciting sport that many love to play, but also requires a lot of gear. When you want to start playing competitively, you will need to buy quality products that your team can use. 

The most basic first step is to have a standard netball and netball pump (Amazon links) to use while playing.

However, another big factor that you must consider is what do you wear in netball? There are different specifications per league, but most follow the same basic clothing requirement guidelines. Some important clothing items that are mandatory in most leagues are:

What is worn during netball is very important, as dress codes are often laid out in league rules. 

If clothing worn does not fall into these laid out guidelines, players can be penalized or not allowed to participate. So, if you want to play, read up here on what you need!

If you want to get all the details on what you need to play Netball, check out this complete guide.

5 Tips to the Right Netball Outfit

It is important to have cohesive netball outfits because it can make you appear more like a team and better put together. Your team should have tops, skirts, shorts, or skorts that are in the same color. Nothing looks better than having a netball team that is matched and has their team name noticeably printed on their outfits.

Not only can quality outfits make your team feel more confident, but they also are mandatory for most leagues. If you are not following the clothing specifications, your team could be disqualified from attending a match. 

We will further discuss what you need to wear for proper netball playing and five key tips on how to get the best outfits for your game.

Tip 1 – Training Shoes and Socks: Quality Counts

The training shoes worn during netball go beyond looking great and should be fully functional during play. This means you do not want to skimp on quality. Purchase high-quality shoes that are designed for athletics. One critical thing about these trainers is that they need to have:

  • Good grip on the soles of the shoes
  • Good ankle and foot support
  • A properly snug fit

Also, you want to ensure you are not wearing training shoes that are worn out or overly flimsy. Netball is a very physically demanding sport; without the right support, you could easily be injured. You want to ensure that your food lands properly and has good grip with each land, if not you risk damaging your toes or even twisting your ankles.

My Favorite Netball Shoes 

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Lace ‘Em Tight!

It is important that before you begin playing, you lace your training shoes tightly. If you really want to make sure your laces stay put throughout the game, you may want to double knot your bow.

Not only does this help you avoid slipping and falling, but it is also something that most umpires will look for before starting. Some will even stop the game until they see that your laces are secured properly, and each team member is ready to play.


Even the best pair of shoes can cause blisters and pain without proper socks worn underneath. 

If you have ever tried to play the game in shoes without socks, you can attest to the pain you were in the next day. Get yourself some quality socks that will protect your feet while playing the game.

Some players have even opted to wear two pairs of socks to guarantee that their feet remain as protected as possible. If you are having trouble with your feet or ankles while playing, you may want to combine sports ankle socks and sport foot-covering socks. This helps you avoid having painful foot damage; shin splints, blisters, and more.

Netball Compression Socks

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Tip 2 – Decide Which Outfit to Wear

You should decide which style of outfit is appropriate for your team and ensure that it meets any requirements laid out by your league. 

Most players choose between skirts, shorts, or dresses, depending on what their players prefer to wear. 

All-female leagues usually opt for skirts or dresses in their matching colors, while mixed gender or male teams go for the more unisex option of shorts.

Female teams who opt to wear skirts should do their best to keep themselves covered appropriately. This can be challenging with skirts, but you should be fully covered. Modesty rules while in play. In fact, if you are not covered appropriately, umpires can opt to send the team home until proper coverage is provided.

Completing the Outfit

Of course, for those who opt to wear shorts or skirts, a matching top is also needed. You will want to find a top that works well with your bottoms, matching in color, or displaying team colors. Most leagues require these shirts to be a washable fabric that has no zips, pockets, or lacing.

Some modern companies are offering one-piece dresses made of a stretchable fabric like Lycra. These dresses are usually used by more established teams but can be a good option for anyone. They take the guesswork out of choosing a top and a bottom. When using these dresses, bibs are often held in place by Velcro and can easily be switched as positions change.

In terms of practicality, I would always recommend the one-piece option (Amazon link), especially if you have young kids in the family.

Top Netball Dress

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    Thankfully, there are several options available on the Internet. I recently tried a brand called Bace that sells on Amazon, which is specialized in netball apparel. 

    So, if you have trouble finding netball apparel, it may be worth taking a look. I hope it can help you.

    Tip 3 – Choose a Good Material

    Once you have decided on which type of outfit you are going to purchase for your team, you want to begin shopping online or in-store for these outfits. There are several options out there, but you will want to ensure you are getting an outfit made from high-quality material.

    Since the sport is physically demanding, you want the material to remain breathable but also durable so that it will last. Some of the top choices you will find out there for netball clothing are:

    • Eyelet Fabric – This is the most breathable option out there and is great for those who get hot while playing. However, for some, this can be a little bit chilly since even the slightest breeze can pass through easily.
    • Lycra – A classic material for netball, this is one of the most readily available on the market today. it is extremely comfortable and breathable, but not quite as chilly as eyelet options. Lycra is very adaptable to the player’s body and a great choice for most athletes.
    • Meryl – A very similar option to Lycra, it is also very breathable and comfortable. However, in addition to these two factors, Meryl is also considered bacteriostatic. This means that it is naturally antibacterial and leads to less odor because sweat bacteria are what often lead to these unwanted odors. With Meryl many players feel fresher at the end of a game.

    Regardless of which material you choose, you will want to consult your team to ensure you all agree on this option. You will also want to find a company that offers the outfit you want in the material you’ve chosen. 

    Also, check to see if there are any limitations on the colors available for that material, to guarantee you can get your team colors in the material you have decided on.

    Tip 4 – Purchase Appropriate Bibs for Your Team

    When playing netball, there are seven main positions, which should be displayed on the bib by short abbreviations. For instance, the goalkeeper is identified by a bib that says player “GK” on it.

    You can shop from a variety of suppliers, who usually offer these bibs in the shade of your choice, matching your team outfits. You will want to ensure that you purchase these bibs in the appropriate sizes so that players can wear them correctly without inhibiting their movements.

    Depending on where you purchase from, you can find bibs that are customized to fit your exact team’s needs. 

    Some companies add team, league, or tournament names. No matter what extras are added to the bib, you will want to make sure the positions are easily visible. Most captains will collect the bibs after each game to guarantee they are kept properly. 

    Netball Bibs

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    Tip 5 – Decide Whether to Ankle or Knee Strap

    As mentioned, netball is a very physically demanding activity that can cause damage to many players who are not properly protected. The strain on a player’s ankles and knees can be lowered by strapping them properly. Since netball requires the skill to land from heights and adhere to footwork rules, this strapping can help improve play and lower risk of injury.

    For most leagues, this strapping is allowed as long as it is smooth. You may want to consult your league book to guarantee that you are strapping your ankles and knees appropriately to fit these rules. However, in many cases, this is advisable and can be very beneficial.

    Netball Ankle Strap Pick

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    Make Sure You Know What is Not Allowed

    Just as important as it is to follow the guidelines on what to wear, you should also fully know what not to wear. If you break these guidelines, your team can be penalized, or players can be not allowed into the game. Leagues may differ slightly on what you can and cannot do, but most follow the same set of rules.

    • No Jewelry is Allowed – Absolutely no jewelry is allowed beyond wedding rings and medical alert bracelets. Players should have no watches, rings, bracelets, hair clips that may cause injury, or other piercings. Some leagues will not allow for wedding rings to be worn, while some others will allow for them to taped while playing.
    • Fingernail Length is Crucial – Most leagues require fingernails to be properly cared for and umpires will generally check the length of team fingernails. Nails are usually required to be short and blunt.
    • You should not be able to see the nails above your fingers when hands are reversed. You should show up to the game with your nails cut and ready to compete, never wearing acrylics or press-on nails. Some umpires will require last-minute nail cutting.
    • No Gloves are Permitted – Gloves are rarely permitted when playing netball unless they are medically required. If you are medically required to wear gloves, you should bring a medical certificate that states this to show the umpire as needed.
    • Head Scarves are Allowed, but Not Caps – Headscarves are permitted for players who wish to wear them, but the material used must be soft and contain no embellishments. You should try to keep the head wrap as neat and secure as possible, keeping any flapping edges held securely around the neck or tucked into your shirt collar.

      Essentially, you should ensure that the headscarf is worn properly and is not a danger to any players. Though headscarves are allowed, hats or caps are not permitted in most leagues.

    Where to Purchase Quality Outfits Online?

    Luckily, with the advancement of the internet, your ability to purchase quality netball outfits for your team has become easier than ever. While there may be some great options in stores near you, there are endless options online.

    You will be able to find more color options and outfit choices online than most stores offer. There are some great netball clothing choices at the following websites:

    www.amazon.com – Simply search for netball options; many can be at your door in only days!

    https://www.netballuk.co.uk/index.html – Net Ball UK offers netball gear and endless clothing options for play and team spirit

    https://www.kitlocker.com/other-sports/netball – Kit Locker has great prices and many on sale items that you can choose from, offering low shipping options

    http://teamwear.blksport.com/netball-uniforms/ – This is a great choice for those who want to customize their uniforms and make their team more unique

    Regardless of where you purchase your team uniforms, you will want to guarantee you look over the reviews from other netball players who have purchased from the website.

    You also want to look over any sizing charts the website offers, guaranteeing that your players get the perfect fit when it comes to their new uniform. You should also look over the return policy to ensure that you can send back uniforms that do not fit or are not to your standard.

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